There are SO many Pilates studios out there now, it can be an overwhelming decision to choose one. It’s popularity as an exercise method has grown exponentially and there’s a reason for it – it works! So as the demand has grown and the awareness of it’s success, so too have the education bodies and studios been expanding. Are all Pilates studios created equal? No. They’re really not. Does that mean that some are terrible? No. It doesn’t. BUT there are some things you should know when looking for a Pilates studio to suit your needs.

    1.  Not all Pilates instructors are created equal.
Well, not all Pilates instructors are trained equally. There’s all sorts of training that range from a weekend course (*cringe*) to a Diploma level course. Generally you want the latter. An instructor with a health background is useful (e.g OT, Physio, Ex Phys) and an instructor with a health background plus a diploma level certificate starts pointing to Gold Standard training. Don’t be afraid to ask the credentials of your teachers! Training matters, instructors should be hands on, knowledgable and correcting your alignment as you exercise.

    2.   Different studio’s have different focus’s
Some studios classes are geared more towards fitness. They may have larger classes with people generally doing the same exercises. As such, these studios can have less of a personalised or hands on approach to correcting your alignment (it’s physically impossible to correct 10 people efficiently). Gearing towards fitness is fine, but if you have an injuries, misalignment through your body or feel any discomfort/tightness after your classes then this probably isn’t the best choice for you.
Some studios are more classic with their approach to Pilates with class sizes generally no larger than four people and with a personalised approach tailored for your body. You will still receive a great workout but you’ll also know that it’s one that is working on correcting alignment for your body and mind. Pilates is all about efficiency of movement, which translates to an efficient workout.

    3.   It’s all about numbers
Generally as a rule with Pilates, you get what you pay for. For some studios you can expect to pay a cheaper price when you have 10 people in a class doing the same thing on a reformer as opposed to a semi private class of four. Just the same, an instructor with less than 6 months of training will (hopefully) be charging less than the instructors who have 12mths+ of training additional to their years of experience. Makes sense right? If you want a gym style class, you’ll pay a gym style price. If you want the quality and results of classic Pilates you’ll pay the higher price, but ultimately, you’ll be getting a more efficient workout with premium results for your body.

    4.   Find your tribe
Ultimately you want to feel comfortable. Somewhere you feel supported, where your needs are met, where you can receive a good workout and have an even better time doing it. Somewhere that you feel motivated to go and part of the family once you arrive. There’s an abundance of studios around the Gold Coast alone, you can afford to be choosy with where you go!

We love welcoming new people to our studio but ultimately I want people to be informed and understand their choices when it comes to looking after their health and wellbeing. If you want more info on what a traditional and effective Pilates class should look like than you can read our previous blog here.

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