Recover Wellbeing is a Pilates and holistic health studio that is located in Currumbin QLD (view map). Founded and run by Sarah Paxford, our modern, lively studio promotes and empowers the health, happiness and wellbeing of all our client family. It’s all about healthy conscious movement, mind/body connection and holistic health modalities.

Every person is made to feel welcome in our fresh and inspiring studio that is only a short walk to beautiful Currumbin creek. Recover Wellbeing is a supportive and social community space that encourages and facilitates positive changes in the mind as well as the body. We offer a range of health services including: mat, studio equipment Pilates, remedial massage, and lymphoedema assessment and treatment.

We like to update our services regularly depending on our client’s needs, so please check in on our website for details or feel free to contact us for information about our current health and wellbeing services. You will find details about our lovely team members and their expertise on the About page of our website (click here).

Pilates Gold Coast Blog + Workshops

Our founder, Sarah also shares useful health and Pilates tips on our blog (our blog is only new, but we’ll be using it more and more over coming months to keep you informed!). You may also wish to follow us on social media to stay updated and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you and to be apart of your health and wellbeing journey! We’re on Facebook and Instagram.

Recover Wellbeing also proudly offers workshops from time to time. Follow us on social media or contact us for more information. Recent events have included women’s health, essential oils and breathing technique workshops. If there is a particular health and wellbeing workshop that you’re interested in, please feel free to let us know about your interests so that we may consider them for upcoming workshops.

Pilates + Wellbeing Products | Currumbin + Palm Beach

We have a range of health products in our Currumbin Pilates Studio to enrich your everyday lifestyle. Recover Wellbeing are proud stockists of the following labels: Femme Body, Harmony Inspired, and Mermaid Sea Wolf. You can learn more about our products, including our involvement with essential oils on the Products page of our website, or check out our range next time you visit the studio.

So… what is Pilates?

Are you new to Pilates? If you’re wondering what Pilates actually is – please check out this blog post where our founder Sarah Paxford explains the true WHAT + HOW of Pilates. We’re really passionate about staying true to the core values of Pilates – which when done correctly, offers very rewarding physical and mental health benefits. We think part of the confusion in understanding true Pilates comes from the fact that there are a lot of ‘Pilates’ classes around that do an exercise style similar to Pilates but kind of miss the mark for what Pilates truly is and the benefits it brings. So to clear up the confusion and give you a clear idea of what Pilates actually is (and whether you’ve been doing it), read more here on our blog.

We look forward to meeting and working with you in our beautiful and tranquil studio space. Please reach out and get in touch with any questions that you may have. xx