Facial Lymphatic Drainage MORE Than Just A Beauty Regimen

I LOVE facial lymphatic drainage but it might not be for the reason you think…

Lymphatic drainage is a popular technique in the beauty world, but to be honest, I didn’t even KNOW that when I first learned the technique. My priorities and studies laid elsewhere, BUT I’ll be honest, it’s a nice little side bonus that this technique also improves the health and appearance of your skin.

What is it?

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, hands-on massage technique where the lymphatic fluid is manually guided in a specific direction and with specific techniques so as to increase the uptake of fluid from your tissues and drainage from your system. FACIAL lymphatic drainage is then that same technique and theory but applied to the face.

What’re the benefits?

Originally, I learned this technique to help support and treat people with lymphoedema and swelling of the face. I soon realised that this technique also had powerful effects for anybody who wanted to try it, not just those with swelling.

  • Decrease swelling or fluid retention (puffy eyes/face)
  • Increase circulation (for skin rejuvenation)
  • Disperse congestion from sinus
  • And my personal favourite – stimulates the immune system!

As soon as I feel myself getting a sore throat or a congested head I do this technique straight away, I even catch myself doing it subconsciously now. It works to stimulate the immune system as well as clearing toxins and excess fluid – a dream combo for warding off nasties early!

So, HOW do you do it?

I’ve recorded a video showing you the technique step by step, it’s easy!

And there you have it.
One of my favourite techniques and secret weapons that keeps me well, plus, it’s a bonus for your beauty regimen!

Give it a try and let me know how you go!
If you would like a more personalised assessment and treatment, then you can book a session with me here.

NOTE: This technique is not recommended for those with any of the following:
Acute heart failure
Acute kidney failure
Uncontrolled high blood pressure
Neck atherosclerosis


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Please note: This information is intended to help inform and increase your awareness, however, it is not designed to replace an individualised assessment from your chosen health care professional to ensure you get the correct information for you. Please get in touch if you would like more personalised support in this area.

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