Anchoring With the Sense of Smell

Have you heard of the term ‘anchoring’?
And I mean no nautical reference by that…

Well, if you haven’t, you’re about to learn something pretty powerful!

We’ve all had an experience where something has taken us back or ‘anchored’ us to a certain experience in life.. whether it’s been a smell, a breathing technique, a visual cue and whether on purpose or not that ’thing’ has anchored you to a thought, feeling or space in time. For example; smelling roses and feeling warm and loved as you’re reminded of your grandma’s house… or feeling cold and fearful from a disinfectant smell that reminds you of hospital admission or a sick loved one perhaps. Basically, you are using a stimulus and attributing connection or meaning to it whether consciously or unconsciously.

The reason why smells work so powerfully as anchors are because smells get processed through your olfactory bulb, which the smell-analyzing region in your brain. It’s closely connected to your amygdala and hippocampus which are brain regions that handle memory and emotion. In knowing this information you can use it as a HUGE advantage in training your brain. In a nutshell, you can choose a smell to anchor you/bring you back to a certain feeling or state – pretty cool huh?

The state we’re choosing – ‘Presence’!

If presence to you means bliss, peace or mindfulness you can pick your preferred term but in the end, it’s all about being present, in the now, allowing all the unwanted attachments to fall away and maintain a sense of your true self.

It can be hard to maintain a state of presence, especially through the chaos of our day-to-day modern society. We all get distracted, caught up and busy… That’s where anchoring with essential oils comes in!

Take a moment to find yourself a quiet space (just a moment, you can do it!) and imagine what it feels like to be totally at peace, bliss, to have all the time in the world. Let your ’to-do’ list fall away and ask yourself; what would my happy place look like/feel like/smell like? Once you’ve got this feeling into your body and mind, choose yourself an essential oil that matches your feeling and deeply inhale it from your hands. That chosen oil becomes your anchor. Carry it with you and use it any time of day that you need to be brought back to presence, to love, to bliss, to your happy place! You can also choose to add an affirmation to repeat to yourself to enhance the benefits if you choose.

Our brains are muscles and we can train them any way we choose! Use anchoring as a way to train your brain for presence, peace and happiness!  And by the way, doing nothing and falling into the busyness, chaos and rat-race, you’re still training your brain – just not in the way you might consciously choose!

We’ll be covering this and so much more to do with controlling the power of your thoughts in our workshop this Saturday, if you’re interested in attending you can send us a message. Until then, find yourself an essential oil anchor and use the power to stay present my loves!

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