So when it comes to activewear, I consider myself somewhat of an expert. About 80% of my wardrobe is made up of activewear, it is my daily uniform and to be honest, still my preferred choice when lounging around at home. I have gone through MANY a crop, top and tights over the years and tried LOADS of different brands. All culminating to this pinnacle moment where I get to share with you my highlights of the activewear world! So here they are – my top 5 activewear brands (in no particular order):

  1. Dharma Bums
    These guys are Aussie owned, everything is made on shore and ethically in Australia which I personally LOVE! It’s not only their ethics though, Dharma Bums prints are just beautiful and I get comments on my pants each and every time I wear them (so they get the self esteem tick of approval!). They’re super comfy and so far have lasted me two years of very consistent use. The only criticism is that their tops and crops size a little small so I would allow for a bigger size, but other than that, I can’t fault them!
  2. Lululemon
    I can’t go past Lululemon for quality. I have tops that must be about 5 years old now and I am STILL wearing them consistently (and no, I am not exaggerating). These come in number one for my ‘sweat test’ too, they wick away moisture and don’t leave you smelling to high heavens. Lululemon have some of the most comfortable activewear and they in no way compromise their style! They have some really beautiful designs and patterns. They come in a close second from this list for the most comfortable crop. Probably the most expensive on this list but they are worth every penny!
  3. Harmony Inspired Activewear
    This local brand is fun and bright and the girls behind Harmony Inspired Activewear are just beautiful! Since getting to know Harmony she now teaches our barre classes, so you know this brand has been designed by girls at ground zero who know what you want from an activewear label. Super comfortable, really funky prints including their tribal feather, hummingbird and peacock prints. I love the firmness and quality of the tights, they almost feel like compression tights – without the extra heat! They are always bringing out new gear and their latest Gypsy Warrior tank is my personal fav! You can find their gear in our studio or on their website here.
  4. Femme Body
    We love to support local at the studio, so this brand is from another local designer. Femme Body is a monochrome collection of black, greys and whites but it is a far cry from boring! The clothes are just stunning and the bamboo material feels like heaven on your skin. Their crop comes in number one on this list for comfort, fit and style – I just LOVE it! I’m actually wearing it as I write this…
    The other thing I love about this brand is what it stands for – feeling empowered, energised and confident in your femininity, that’s my type of brand! You can have a sticky beak at this beautiful collection in our studio or on their website here.
  5. Mermaid Seawolf Designs
    Another local designer that we stock in our Currumbin studio is Mermaid Seawolf. These are energetic, colourful and funky designs that are then screen printed onto tights over at Society 6. First let me warn you two things about Society 6:
    1. It is a dangerously addictive place full of artists designs and photos that are turned into home wears and all things delightfully decorative
    2. It is in US dollars. Sigh…
    So we have done the hard work for you and stocked the best of the best of Mermaid Seawolf’s designs ready for you to try and wear. I LOVE my pastel tights in swirls of pinks and blues. She makes colours and patterns that appeal to everyone and these are one of those styles that always look even better on than they do on the hanger!

So there you have it, my crème de la crème list of the activewear labels that you need in your life – enjoy!

Femme Body Designs

Femme Body

Harmony Inspired & Dharma Bums

Harmony Inspired & Dharma Bums

Mermaid Seawolf Designs

Mermaid Seawolf

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