Essential Oils

Here in the Recover Wellbeing studio, we love to integrate amazing essential oils into our practice. Our studio owner / director Sarah is an Occupational Therapist, Pilates Instructor and passionate doTERRA Wellness Advocate. doTERRA has changed the way people around the world handle healthcare, has revolutionised skin care, and household cleaning with safe and healthy alternatives.

If you’re interested in natural solutions for your health and wellbeing, you can purchase essential oils at wholesale prices. We run workshops monthly on various topics allowing you to experience essential oils of your choice and learn recipes to use them safely at home.

Join our Recover Wellbeing Online Community to learn more about natural living with essential oils, or make an appointment to see us in person in our studio. We can answer any questions you may have, and find which essential oils are best for you. You may also wish to browse the articles on our blog about essential oils and their uses.