Your health is everything

Great health starts with healing your mind and body—inside and out. We make this possible through our virtual Pilates and wellness sessions in the Online Community.


Improve your posture, alignment, strength, mobility and flexibility with our wide range of Pilates classes for all levels.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Movement and relaxation practices including meditation and breath work to help you find that mind/body connection.

Women's Health

Find your flow and tailor your sessions around your feminine monthly cycle – we show you how! Plus all your pre and post natal needs.


Recipes, eBooks, tutorials, music and more! Support your wellbeing journey with all our bonus health add-ons from the RW team here.

Time to reclaim your body and your mind.

Our sessions and programs cater to all experience and energy levels. They vary from gentle and non-strenuous to strong physical workouts that help encourage muscular development, build joint strength and improve core stability.

But the benefits are not just physical; our programs also significantly boost your mental wellbeing.

Our online classes aim to help you become more grounded and more resilient. By creating a sense of calm and ease within the mind and body, you’ll be able to better manage stress and protect your health. 

All this for just $29 a month

Cancel anytime. Studio clients ask in studio for your discount code.

24/7 Access

Members can easily jump online to continue taking care of their health and wellbeing at a time that suits them best.

All Levels

Our video classes are suitable for beginners and those with years of Pilates experience. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience or not, you can easily jump online and start your wellness journey.

A Real Community

We created an online community via our private Facebook group so you can feel that you are part of the Recover Wellbeing family no matter where you are.

The Best Instructors

Our professional and experienced instructors share their personal knowledge, experiences and tips to keep you informed with the most up-to-date practices.

Updated Classes

New videos are uploaded regularly to allow our Online Members to practice Pilates and other routines from the comfort, privacy and convenience of their own home

Freebies & Resources

As a member, you’ll also get access to free resources and articles that will guide you through your wellness journey.

Don’t take our word for it

Hear what our members have to say

RW Online Team

Now, your journey starts – and it’s a journey you are going to love.

Our Pilates and holistic health programmes are all about healthy conscious movement, connection between you and your body/mind, and incorporating holistic health modalities. We are proud of the warm and friendly environment we’ve created, and you’ll be surrounded with caring and passionate individuals who will support you all the way.

We’ve helped people like you get their lives back – recovering from pain, encouraging self-care, improving your capacity to manage stress, helping you sculpt a healthier body and embodying holistic wellness. 

All this for just $29 a month

Cancel anytime. Studio clients ask in studio for your discount code.