Day 1 – Seated Yoga Flow

This gentle yoga flow is designed to get your energy shifting gently with a more relaxed vibe. This class is suitable to do during pregnancy or for those who are perhaps looking to wind down and ground your being.

Day 2 – Stretch and Release

This gentle stretch session is ideal for all levels for an entire body stretch and release. Perfect for beginners or those who would class themselves as less flexible!

Day 3 – How to Meditate

This tutorial from Chantelle takes beginners through the purpose of meditation, how to start and some tips for your new practice. Perfect for beginners wanting to start a meditation practice.

Day 4 – Mini Grounding Meditation

So often we feel ‘too busy’ to meditate, but that’s exactly when we need it most. It doesn’t have to take long, join Micaela for 5 mins to ground your being and calm your mind.

Day 5 – Laying Sequence

This laying yoga session is perfect for beginners and all levels for a relaxing workout that incorporates some breath work. This class unlocks the spine and activates the glutes and core