Day 1 – Menstrual Stretches

These are my top 5 stretches to do during your menstrual cycle to assist with cramps, lower back discomft and nausea using gentle movements.

Day 2 – Menstruation Relief

This Pilates class is designed to support you through your menstruation phase of your cycle. It’s gentle, slow paced and can support you if you’re experiencing lower back pain or menstrual cramps.

Day 3 – Diaphragmatic Breathing

Also known as diaphragmatic breathing or ‘belly breath’, this beautiful breathing technique helps to bring calm, promote detoxification within the body and strengthen your diaphragm. A nice introduction to breath work suitable for everyone.

Day 4 – Restorative Sequence

This restorative yoga session is designed to relax and calm your body for mind/body connection. It uses sustained holds of postures for deep muscular and fascial release. Perfect way to unwind after a busy day and help you sleep, or calm yourself when you’re feeling...

Day 5 – Posture Reset

This short and sweet class was created for our friends over at Dharma Bums Australia – but I wanted to share it with you all! It’s designed to help you lengthen and align to create space within your beautiful bod and improve your posture, I hope you enjoy it