Day 2 – Core Activation Sequence

Trouble connecting your core? Or new to Pilates? Try this little sequence before a class to help to engage your core muscles properly! Repeat this short little video 2-3 times.

Day 3 – Strengthen Your Core

This Pilates class is designed to target your core muscles to build strength and tone. Suitable for beginners with some more challenging options for those who are ready to progress!

Day 4 – Body Sculpt

This all-over workout is suitable for beginners through to advanced. Targeting all the major (and minor) muscles for strengthening and conditioning, we build stability and tone.

Day 5 – Neck and Shoulders Stretch Sesh

This class is designed to open up your posture and stretch your neck and shoulders if you’ve been feeling tight, stooped or spending longer amounts of time on devices. When training your core we want to make sure we’re not tightening through the neck and upper traps,...