Day 1 – Basics for Beginners

This tutorial talks you through the basics of some positioning and commonly used lingo in these online classes. If you are new to Pilates, watch this first!

Day 2 – Strengthen Your Core

This Pilates class is designed to target your core muscles to build strength and tone. Suitable for beginners with some more challenging options for those who are ready to progress!

Day 3 – Tone and Strengthen Glutes

This class is short and sweet but packs a punch to get you activating your glutes! Glutes are KEY in supporting posture, protecting your spine and aligning your lower limbs properly. Enjoy the booty burn!

Day 4 – Stretch and Release

This gentle stretch session is ideal for all levels for an entire body stretch and release. Perfect for beginners or those who would class themselves as less flexible!

Day 5 – Legs and Glutes Sculpt

This is a fun class targeting the legs and glutes for toning and strengthening. Caution knee injuries with the last ten minutes, there’s some kneeling and squatting!