Week 1 – Morning Flow Routine

A short and sweet 7 minute flow of Pilates to kick start your day. Join Sarah to wake up, ground down, stretch out and activate your muscles for the day ahead!

Week 1 – Present Moment Meditation

“So often we find ourselves thinking about the past or future, which drains energy from the present and can result in stress or worry.During this meditation Micaela will guide you into the present moment to find rest, clarity and energise your being.”

Week 2 – Quick Workout

This short but sweet session is the perfect little reset for your body when you’ve been sitting too long. With the perfect combo of stretch and strength it’s a good workout for when you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Week 2 – Vinyasa Flow

This standing yoga session is ideal for beginners and all levels for a gentle workout to unlock the spine, warm the legs and open those hips!

Week 3 – Body Sculpt

This all-over workout is suitable for beginners through to advanced. Targeting all the major (and minor) muscles for strengthening and conditioning, we build stability and tone.