I’ve recently gotten back from a short holiday cruising the Whitsundays on a private catamaran – I know right, heaven! But the tropical weather and the sea (as someone who gets seasick) did throw out a few curve balls while I was trying to make the most of my blissful time.

I’m not going to lie, I packed my whole case of essential oils, approximately 70 bottles of therapeutic goodness. Excessive? Maybe a little. So I’m going to break it down and tell you the top six that I found the most useful in tropical traveling so hopefully you can save on packing space, as I did not…

  • Lavender, Peppermint & Basil
    I’ve mentioned this blend in a previous post and I’ll mention it 100 times more if I have to! It is the absolute bomb for after sun care for your skin. For cooling, soothing and speedy recovery of sun burn. If you don’t have the peppermint and basil, just stick with lavender, it’s seriously a miracle worker! My spray bottle (the three essentials topped with water) received more than a few tops ups throughout the trip.
  • Peppermint & Ginger
    As I mentioned, I do get sea sick. I get car sick too for that matter and the drive was a little tedious to Airlie Beach. I layered peppermint and ginger on my tummy and felt so much better!
  • Frankincense
    Ahhh what doesn’t Franky Boy do?! We used this with coconut oil on a friends lips that were badly burnt and blistering from sunburn. All our little nicks and cuts were turning into ulcers from the warm tropical waters, frankincense was our absolute saviour in avoiding infection!
  • Respiratory Blend
    The first night of traveling to the Whitsundays I ended up sleeping on the back of a steel bottomed ute with only a thin blanket. Now, the circumstances surrounding these circumstances are a hilarious story for another time, but the moral of the story is sleeping on cold hard surfaces leads to coughing the next day. I was sure that I would be sick before the holiday had even begun so I lathered the respiratory blend on my chest a few times the next day. Needless to say the cough went away and I was ready to party!So if I could save some luggage on holidays and only take six oils on a tropical holiday instead of 70, next time, this would be them; lavender, peppermint, basil, ginger, respiratory blend and frankincense.

    As a side note, the basil goes great in some olive oil and drizzled on a caprese salad (our fresh basil went off pretty quick!) and ginger goes great added in food and drinks too!

    Happy travels đŸ™‚

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