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Owner / Director

Sarah Paxford

Owner / Director

About Sarah

Sarah is an energetic practitioner with an open heart and passion for holistic wellness and corrective movement. Sarah began practising Pilates over 10 years ago for the management of personal injuries and body imbalances, when she fell in love with the Pilates method. Sarah noticed its positive impact not only on her body but on her mind and spirit. Sarah has since become a Pilates instructor and loves to tailor your workout whether its restorative, rehabilitative or a challenging workout, she’s got you covered.

Sarah is also a registered Occupational Therapist who specialises in working with women post cancer and those with lymphoedema to increase their holistic wellness, movement and recovery.


  • Bachelor degree of Occupational Therapy (currently registered with AHPRA)

  • Lymphoedema Level 1 Certificate

  • Diploma of Professional Studio Pilates

  • Member of: Pilates Association Australasia, Australasian Lymphoedema Association, OT Australia

Pilates Instructor 3

Lisa Massingham

Pilates Instructor

About Lisa

Lisa has always lived an active lifestyle of dance, sport and being outdoors. This fuelled her passion for movement and integration of strength and mobility. Lisa was introduced to Pilates after suffering from a back injury eight years ago and has been a client since.

Lisa commenced her work with the human body when she studied her Certificate IV of Massage Therapy in 2013. In 2014 Lisa started her journey as an instructor when she studied to Comprehensive Studio Pilates course through Polestar Education.

In her teaching Lisa strives to educate her clients on proper movement patterns that they can adapt into their everyday lifestyle.


  • Cert IV of Massage Therapy

  • Comprehensive Studio Pilates Course – Polestar

Pilates Instructor 1

Kendra Till

Pilates Instructor

About Kendra

Kendra was first introduced to Pilates by her older sister over 15 years ago in the United States. After years of participating in ballet and sports, Kendra noted the immediate and long-term benefits of the mind-body connection facilitated by the traditional Pilates method. Her sister, who is a practicing obstetrician / gynecologist, also taught her the importance of regular practice to help with the prevention and rehabilitation of women’s health issues.

Kendra prides herself on being a hands-on, caring instructor. She is confident in her ability to assess and resolve faulty movement patterns in all body types and levels of ability, from the injured to the dancer, from the elderly to the high-performance athlete. 

She loves teaching her clients mindful movements which can be carried through their day to day lives.


  • Diploma of Professional Studio Pilates

Pilates Instructor 1

Ngaire Jones

Pilates Instructor

About Ngaire

Ngaire is a passionate holistic health practitioner and thrives on supporting individuals to living their best life, free of pain.  Ngaire discovered the Pilates method 15 years ago when she healed her own back injury. She has used it as a tool in her profession as an Exercise Physiologist to support people of all walks of life in reducing pain & improving quality of life. Ngaire is also a Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach.

Having recently had 2 children, Ngaire has a fierce passion for womens health, particularly pre & post-natal care & rehabilitation. Ngaire understands the true impact pregnancy, birth and beyond can have on a woman’s physical, functional, emotional, & mental wellbeing and is passionate to support more women going through this transition.

Ngaire takes into consideration everything in your life that could be impacting your wellbeing, because that is where she believes you will truly get results. It’s not just about exercise, it’s also about what & how you’re eating, your sleep, and your emotional & mental health.


  • BPhEd (Exercise Prescription & Management)
  • BSc (Human Nutrition)
  • Cert IV – Fitness
  • STOTT – Studio Pilates Instructor
  • IIN – Certified Health Coach
Pilates Instructor 1

Maddi Garlick

Pilates Instructor

About Maddi

Maddison has come from a dancing background through her childhood and has been a participant of Pilates since she would walk. Maddison is certified in Mat Pilates and her diploma in Studio Pilates qualified through Polestar Pilates Australia. Maddi is a student of Southern Cross University studying osteopathy. She practices what she preaches through her personal practice and is always continuing her knowledge and personal growth.

Maddi had an intuitive eye for the body and a creative flair in her workouts and has worked closely with rehab and clinical clients right through to surfers and dancers. 


  • Certified in Mat Pilates
  • Diploma in Studio Pilates
  • Currently studying Osteopathy (Southern Cross University)
Pilates Instructor 1

Kim Bradshaw

Pilates Instructor

About Kim

Kim has always had a love for exercise and how movement can heal the body. Movement has always been a part of Kim’s life with a love for swimming, walking, hiking and of course Pilates, which she adopted into her everyday life six years ago.

Learning about how the body can heal through movement became such a strong interest that she decided to pursue her career in Pilates and completed a Diploma of Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation in 2017. Throughout Kim’s pregnancy journey, Pilates was the only exercise that was gentle enough, yet also so targeted that her body had support and could flow with the constant changes.

Becoming a Mum in 2018 taught Kim more about the importance of self care, and gave her the motivation to pass on her learnings about the essence of breath and moving the body in a conscious way.

Her passion is to help people discover how they can help alleviate pain, restore healthy movement patterns and maintain a happy, balanced mind and body.


  • Diploma of Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation
Pilates Instructor 1

Tessa Gillespie


About Tessa

Tessa is a physiotherapist with a background in exercise science and a passion for breathing mechanics, persistent pain conditions and children’s musculoskeletal conditions. She offers a unique treatment focusing on healing at the cause through a holistic approach incorporating mind, body and soul.

Her training as a physiotherapist allows her to assess and treat physical consequences of prolonged pain including altered breathing mechanics and inefficient movement patterns. Whilst also focusing on the importance of pain free movement and re-conditioning to allow for maximal function (getting back to living your best life).

Recognising emotional and physical pain are processed by the same parts of the brain, she wanted to broaden her skills into a therapy targeting the mind. As a result she has gained her Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Applied Psychotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming. Clinical Hypnotherapy acts directly on the subconscious mind. The place which holds the automatic patterns underpinning our behaviours. It is a tool that can help change ineffective patterns of behaviour/thought processes, as well as reduce your brain’s perception of pain. 


  • MPhys BExSci AdvDipClinHypn
  • APAM|AHPRA registered|
  • Australian Hypnotherapy Association Member
Pilates Instructor 1

Rachel Myers

Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies

About Rachel

Rachel discovered her passion for health and traditional Chinese medicine 18 years ago and has been practicing shiatsu and natural heath care ever since. She has developed a holistic, ‘east meets west’ medical approach using a combination of her Japanese Shiatsu skills and Remedial Massage techniques. Rachel brings a sense of calm and serenity by connecting the physical, energetic and emotional bodies with her flowing deep treatments, utilizing acupressure points to each client’s needs. A professional, friendly and intuitive therapist, she has confident, sensitive working hands that listen intently to your body, finding every spot of disharmony and tension.

Techniques vary from acupressure and meridian therapy, cupping, moxibustion, gua-sha, reflexology, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, corrective exercises, stretching, use of essential oils and herbal liniments. Rachel also explores lifestyle and dietary habits and the impact these elements have on the mind- body connection.

Specialising in pre & post pregnancy massage, Rachel considers a woman’s journey through pregnancy to be a profound biological and emotional process that requires sincere nurturing for both mother and baby.


  • Diploma Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies

  • Cert. IV Massage Therapy

  • Cert. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Cert. Adv. Pregnancy Massage & Shiatsu

What Our Clients Say

“I started my Pilates journey 2 years ago and could not be happier with how far I have come! I love all the girls, the instructors and the atmosphere that everyone has created in the studio! I leave every session feeling on top of the world.”

– Grace

What Our Clients Say

So fabulous, walked out feeling like I had a workout, but also like a million bucks.”

– Kirsty

What Our Clients Say

“I love it all!!!! The RW Community has so much to offer.”

– Anonymous via SurveyMonkey

What Our Clients Say

“Best Pilates studio on the GC! Beautiful studio, amazing instructors. Always feel comfortable in my classes… Couldn’t recommend anyone better than Recover Wellbeing!” 

– Simone

What Our Clients Say

“Sarah and her team of qualified instructors are so caring and professional when it comes to treating and healing my body. I thoroughly enjoy my time at recover wellbeing and my body always thanks me for it. I feel comfortable and safe, being heavily pregnant and I trust Sarah and the other ladies. Sarah has also incorporated other wellness services within the studio, so it’s certainly an easy one stop for me!”

– Tamara

What Our Clients Say

“Passionate, capable and caring instructors. Can’t thank you enough for what you do!!”

– Joanne

What Our Clients Say

“After finally getting around to trying Pilates, so happy I began my journey at Recover Wellbeing. Sarah & her team are amazing and have created such a supportive & nurturing environment, no matter your fitness level, age or previous experience. Love the yoga classes too!”

– Kathy

What Our Clients Say

“This could be a long post. I have been at Recover Wellbeing for One Year now and let me tell you Pilates has changed my whole outlook on how I do things day to day, both physically and Mentally. Pilates is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am now doing 4 classes a week and absolutely love it and all the instructors. Thank you Sarah and all the team.”

– Lynne

What Our Clients Say

“Recently had the pleasure of dealing with Sarah who organised and put together a very last minute order of oils for me as a get well gift for a friend. She was just so lovely and went above and beyond to ensure we got the most suitable products and the most value for money. Thanks again Sarah.”

– Lauren

What Our Clients Say

“Best Pilates studio I’ve ever been to! I really love the care and support the girls offer, it feels like going home to family. The energy Sarah has created is very welcoming and I’d highly recommend this studio for those looking to get into Pilates who may be unsure if they can do it or not. The girls encourage you at your own level and work around any injuries you might have.”

– Tammy

What Our Clients Say

“Micaela’s yoga classes are divine, thanks RW team!”

– Anonymous via SurveyMonkey

What Our Clients Say

“I have just started meditation class with Sarah. The whole group plus Sarah are so supportive and make the whole experience relaxing. Can’t wait to try the other classes.”

– Tarhnee